Lawrence, Kansas

Home to Haskell Indian Nations University and the University of Kansas


And the Great City was divided into three parts,

and the cities of the nations fell.

  I an extraordinary archival undertaking initiated in 1864,
the United States War Department collected, sorted, and filed
countless military communiques pertaining to the Civil War years,
meticulously ensuring their appropriate and accessible place in the historical record. 
Today, this effort contributes to one of the advantages of residing in the immediate vicinity
of a major collegiate setting, such as the campus at the University of Kansas,
      within a mere two mile walk to the front steps of Watson Library in the heart of Lawrence, Kansas.
      The culmination of this particularly extensive historical collection is quietly nestled in the lower tier
of the stacks of 1 Center, shouldered side-by-side & shelf-upon-shelf in the form of a 128 volume set
that documents a dateline chronology of variously revealing official U.S. military communiques,
The Official Records of The War of Rebellion, so many of which pertain directly to key
incriminating historical events leading up to the Sand Creek Massacre.
      It also documents this: Governor John Evans, Major-General Samuel Ryan Curtis,
and Colonel John Chivington were conducting a self-righteous war
against the Indigenous Nations from the Front Range of Colorado to Kansas...